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andylucky89   (open in a new window)

24 years old | Condet, Indonesia

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malemulletlover   (open in a new window)

Loooking for a NICE male mullet to pet :)
will fill in later

38 years old | Trier, Germany

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littlestinger   (open in a new window)

love it
my son has a mohawk since birth, he wants to actually grow hair on the sides

41 years old | El Paso, TX, USA

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kcarioto   (open in a new window)

I've been rocking the mullet since 95'. I like to take long walks on the wild side and sip on some Mark West late at night. I'm looking for a man with a cut and greased up mullet who's down to drop everything and make rash decisions. I like to lift heavy things. I also pretend I can sing while listening to angsty 90s females music. Most importantly… I'm DTF (DownToFuq)  

Last time online: More than three months

partyinthefront   (open in a new window)

I like a man you knows how to style his own hair. That classy look from the front and party look in the back is exactly what I want. No wanna be's. I need a real man and most importantly, a REAL MULLET.

99 years old | Abbotsford, WI, USA

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joedirt3   (open in a new window)

Just a good ole' boy from Dilley, Texas. I treat my women right and like to stick to the mullet way of life, 'business up front, but a party in the back!' Meaning I get down to business when I need to but like to go wild as well. I own two beautiful, American Quarter horses, and love taking them out on a nice Saturday morning. I dable in the banjo and am working on my own solo EP, due to...

23 years old | Dilley, TX, USA

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bigcuddlybear7   (open in a new window)

Rocking a mullet

39 years old | Chinquapin, NC, USA

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cezarina   (open in a new window)

love me mullets
lets chat and play

41 years old | Earth City, MO, USA

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noahjc   (open in a new window)

"Describe yourself and what you are looking for on Mullet Passions:" Hey, I'm a young man with big dreams and an unquenchable thirst for citrus pop. Have you seen Blue Valentine? With Ryan Gosling? I'm nothing like him, sorry. Have you seen Good Will Hunting? I'm nothing like Matt Damon either. Sorry. I'm more like Charlie Bartlett, or Michael Cera in that movie where he's cast as the pitifu...

21 years old | Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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mgrace20   (open in a new window)

The mullet isnt a hairdo, its a lifestyle
I am a outgoing gal looking for a leather lover who brings the business in the front and keeps the party in the back.

20 years old | Lincoln, NE, USA

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